Scuba Diving Ionian Islands

Scuba Diving Ionian Islands, Greece

The Greeks have always had an intimate relationship with the sea, that continues until today. The Ionian Islands are the perfect destination to experience amazing underwater treasures and incredible scuba diving sites.

Sailing combined with underwater adventure of scuba diving is a great way to get two different perspectives of whats above & whats below the sea surface.

Scuba Diving Ionian IslandsIn the Ionian Islands you’ll find a wide variety of diving sites that include walls, ship wrecks, caverns and reefs.

Some of the best sites can be found on Corfu, Lefkada, and Zakynthos. Many of these waters are protected by a marine park, providing a safe and productive place for sea life to thrive.

From the Port of Preveza, we travel south, passing through the archipelago of the incredibly scenic Ionian Islands, which has incredibly interesting dive spots for beginners and advanced divers.

The enjoyable water temperatures, the crystal clear waters around the islands, the different shades of blue, as well as the partial incredible visibility are just some highlights.

Almost in every dive, there’s a chance you’ll come across some artefacts. Think of it as an archaeological adventure every time you slip into the water, among these dive sites we will be rewarded with unique flora and fauna, wrecks, caves, tunnels, walls, coral and marine life.

Scuba Diving in Lefkada

Diving Sites: underwater caves, reefs and old shipwrecks, wall dives and drift caves.

Lefkada region has a distinct thermocline, which occurs at about 3 – 4 feet. Due to this dramatic shift in ocean temperature, the area has especially rich biodiversity.

Crystal clear water gives visibility up to 20m.

Lefkada offers a true underwater paradise with unforgettable experiences to the lovers of diving. There are around 16 different dive spots here to choose from!

Marine life you may spot includes:- Octopus, barracuda, moray eels, groupers, sea bream, damsels, lobsters

Scuba Diving Ithaca

Scuba Diving Lefkada

Ithaka offers those divers looking to explore and uncover new underwater worlds a plethora of choice. Choose from a range of dives based on your experience level. Some of the below mentioned dives are for advanced divers with Advanced Open Water qualifications.

Poseidon Ship- Reef/Island Dive- 25 metres.

Temple Cpe – Reef – 18m.

Gidaki Cape – Reef/ Cavern – 35m.

Papanikolis Cave – Wall/ Reef/ Cavern/ Deep Dive

Remanda Rocks – Wall/ Reef Dive – 30m

Filiatro – Wall/ Reef/ Deep Dive – 40m.

WWII – Wreck/ Reef/ Deep Dive- 38m.

Kritami – Wreck/ Reef – 20m.

Scuba Diving Kefalonia

Dive in a colourful and vivid offshore Mediterranean reef, with old caves and a lot of sea life in perfect visibility.

Also able to dive ancient wrecks

Crystal-clear waters that offer visibility of up to 30-40 meters. Optimum conditions for scuba diving, with wondrous seascape of colourful caves, dramatic drop-offs and swimming-through canyons, that lie beneath the azure waters of the Ionian Sea

Scuba Diving Zakynthos

Scuba Dive Turtle

The wonderful thing about Zakynthos is that aside from the incredibly blue water, you are never more than 25 kilometers from the coast.

Meet the famous ‘Caretta Caretta’ (sea turtles). If you’re lucky, you may catch the elusive Monachus-Monachus (mediterrean monk seal)

Dive sites here range from plunging wall dives, colourful fish & sponges and dark caves.


Freefall from the boat down the rocky escarpment of the Lakka dive site. You will follow the encrusted walls teeming with life while you spy combers, damselfish, sea bream, blennies, wrasse, sea perch and parrot fish darting around in front of you.

There is also a huge arch covered in colourful sponges and macro species that coat its surface. 

Other dive sites include:

  • Keri Caves
  • Marathia
  • Oktopus
  • Cave Tunnel
  • Dafini